New York legalizes giving a haircut on Sundays

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Tuesday to get rid of an “archaic” law that banned barbers from working on Sundays.

Cuomo announced Tuesday that the new law, which takes effect immediately, does away with a state law that made it a misdemeanor for a barber to cut hair or provide a shave to a customer on a Sunday.

“An archaic law that made it a misdemeanor to cut hair on Sundays has been shaved from the books,” Cuomo tweeted. “Though rarely enforced, the law was shear madness — and we’re not feeling blue to see it go. It’s not splitting hairs to say that barbers should be able to work any day they want.”

Multiple barbers working in the state said they had no idea that such a law ever was on the books.

“Yeah, I am surprised. We’ve never been open on Sunday, but several people are. I had no idea it was ever a law, but I’m glad we never broke it,” Connie Johnston, owner of The Sportsman’s Barber Shop in Watertown, told WWNY-TV.

The bill to repeal the law was introduced by Republican state Sen. Joe Griffo.

“Barbershops and salons, like all small businesses, have faced significant, unprecedented and strenuous challenges during the coronavirus pandemic,” Griffo said.

“By removing outdated and unnecessary laws such as this, these businesses will be provided with an additional opportunity to recover financially as we work to rebuild our local and state economies.